A Dog’s Purpose Curriculum and Home School Movie Day on January 27

As many of you know I stay home with my 4 yr old. And after much thinking I’ve decided to home school him. It’s going fairly well, he’s a quick learner and I haven’t lost my mind, YAY! In all seriousness home schooling is such an amazing way to know exactly what your children are learning and you can mold it however you want. 

One of the main concerns is the lack of socialization home school children get, but that’s why there’s many resources, my favorite as a movie buff has to be ADP Homeschool Movie, they have free curriculums, activities and you can plan outing to a movie that can really teach children something valuable. Isn’t that amazing? The current movie is a Dog’s Purpose and I don’t know about you but I can watch the preview without crying. As a dog lover it pulls so many heart strings.

You can check out the curriculum here and see everything I’m doing to prepare before and after the movie opens on 1/27. In preparation for ADP Homeschool Movie Day.

Would you include this wonderful movie in your curriculum? I know my son and I can’t wait to participate! 

Here’s the preview, but make sure you have tissues handy…

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