Romantic Couple Getaway at the Marriott CityPlace in Houston

We all need a break once in awhile, specially if you’re married with children. Am I right?! So the hubs and I packed our bags left the kids with my sister and quickly planned a couple days to just relax, reset and have a little kid free fun.

So off we went to Houston where we stayed at the Marriott CityPlace for a quick couple getaway and to attend the wine fest and we loved it!  The hotel is brand new, so it still has that amazing smell, everything is new and clean. The staff was incredibly attentive and sweet. They have a great pool that oversees a little lake and we saw lots of birds and it was gorgeous.

The restaurant is delicious, if you go you must try the one of their different kinds of queso, I had the gulf queso, which is full of crawfish and gulf shrimp and it was divine HUGE! so you can easily share with a ton of people. For the entree we shared the A la Brasa beef tenderloin and it was amazing, the beef was tender and the mushroom sauce was the perfect accompaniment and to stay in the Latin flare flavor combination we the grilled corn which was a bit tart and amazing! And to finish it off we got the deep fried brownie with Chantilly and it was heavenly. 

We also took a walk down City Place with is right next door, they have shopping and the park has lots of sitting and is both romantic and relaxing. It’s the perfect place to take a walk, play with the kids or just take a book and enjoy the weather. It’s very well shaded so even in the summer months it would be a great place to have fun.

We will be back for sure!

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KA by Cirque du Soleil Review

The arts are such an important and fulfilling part of people’s lives, good art changes peoples perceptions, opens our minds and helps us discover and travel without leaving our seats. It’s food for our souls, nourishing parts of your spirit, heart and even your brain you don’t know how to until you experience them. Art makes us think more deeply, strive more intently, and feel joy more profoundly.

When we were planning our trip to Las Vegas, we knew we wanted to see a show, but which one? Like so many things in Vegas, there’s an incredible abundance of options and truly something for everyone, no matter your tastes or inclinations. I knew we had to go to a Cirque du Soleil show. And after a quick search, it had to be KA!

Cirque du Soleil shows are notorious for their amazing acrobatics, mind binding stages and effects, cultural inclusive story lines and they pioneered the animal free concept to an extremely cruel field. And KA did not disappoint.

We started by attending the open house they offer, which is a great thing to do if you’re on the fence about attending a show. It is free and nothing short of amazing. The guided tour shows elements of the show you would miss otherwise, like the tons of sand they use every night, an explanation on the story line, the amazingness of the theater when it’s not completely full and you get to hear lots of interesting details and learn what makes KA once of a kind. Guests of all ages are welcome. (free things to do with kids in Vegas!)  Each tour lasts 20-30 minutes.

The lobby features original costumes used on the show, allowing you to check out every intricate detail you wouldn’t notice from stage. There’s also a huge, colorful dragon originally a prop in Zaia, a Cirque du Soleil show from Macau, China, which was mended and given new life to welcome everyone to KA.  Also in the lobby is one of the world’s largest Earth Harp, created by William Close, and it is played by two musicians before every performance of KA.

Here are some incredible facts we learned:

    •  KA is the first Cirque du Soleil show to have a cohesive storyline.
    • Throughout the show they use a rotating stage, that is reactive to touch, like a giant iPad. One of the techs even gave us a demo.
    • They have the highest choreographed fall at 70 feet.
    • KA has more than 10,000 costume pieces, including shoes.
    • There are 74 artists in KA including eight musicians.
    • The “sand” in the show is made out of granulated cork, because regular sand would obviously be too slippery
    • The entire production budget for KA was $165 million and approximately $1 million of that went into designing the theater.

Excited after the open house,we arrived 30 minutes early that evening, to account to the lines and make sure we didn’t miss the musicians playing the gigantic harp. Once we entered the theater, performers were greating everyone without breaking character for a even a second, it gave the experience an amazing feeling, like we were actually part of the show.

Once the lights came off we got a pretty cool and funny reminder to enjoy the show and not the pictures or video. The performances were both thrilling and touching. Some moments left us on the edge of our seats and gasping at the seeming danger and amazing skill of the performers. KA is by far the best show we’ve ever watched. I hope all these details and amazing facts help you decide and make you check it out. KA will never tour, because of their amazing stage this just wouldn’t be possible, so make sure you catch it before it’s gone.

Disclosure: I was invited to attend both the KA open house and the show as their guest. All opinions are my own.

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Park & Zoom: the best parking spot at the Austin Airport!!

I’m always running late, like always. People that know me will tell me things start a solid 30 minutes before, so I can arrive on time. I think is a Costa Rican thing, maybe we like to make an entrance, haha. So you can see why traveling can be pretty interesting in our household. My mom packs and repacks and gets ready weeks before she travels. I’m more of a ball up everything and hope for the best. More like, can’t put my shoes back on because and have to run barefoot to the terminal after passing TSA. Yeah, you’ve seen my kind and probably shoot your head in disapproval, you know my mom has!

So, to me having to park and wait for a shuttle is horrible. Most extended parking spots are super far from the airport, so you have to account for traffic, lights and having to pick up lots of other people. Ugh, it’s always such a pain! And the same happens on the way back, wait ages for the shuttle to get there and then again until they pick up lots of people. Incredibly inconvenient! But not anymore, I just discovered an amazing choice and I can’t tell you how happy I am about it! Enter Park & Zoom…

Park & Zoom is right there in the airport, so the Zoom in their name is true. They personally greet you and they are seriously friendly and welcoming. They let you know what aisle has an empty parking space. By the time we got off the car the shuttle was right there, no waiting at all. Super nice and friendly staff helped us with our bags and gave us a card to remember our spot.

Prefer Valet parking? It’s only $12.95 per day. And we witnessed three attendants, yes three helping the valet customer to make sure he had an amazing and speedy transaction. You can check flight times on their ABIA flat screen as you get on their VIP Valet shuttle, which runs every 3 to 5 minutes—Zoom. Have an electric car? Valet customers, charge up with one of their free EV chargers while you’re away!

Join the ZoomClub & earn free parking!

  • Earn free parking!
  • Become eligible for special offers!
  • Receive coupons!
  • And more!

Complimentary Amenities

  • Chilled, bottled water
  • Copy of USA Today (while supplies last)
  • Arrival & Depatures screeen for all flight info
  • Earn free parking by joining our ZoomClub
  • Onsite showers & bike racks for bicyclists

Plus, they give back. Park&Zoom is donating $1 to local charities for each of the first 15,000 ZoomClub members who sign up. The charities are:

Car care while you’re away; yes you are not just parking you can come back to a sparkling clean car. So if you happen to leave a bag with the left over breakfast tacos you indulged on, you wont come back to maggots in your car’s carpets. eeekkk! Texas heat people, Texas heat! They also offer these other services:

  • Oil & filter change
  • Windshield chip repair
  • Dry cleaning

Make you to check them out next time you travel. I promise you will never go back to regular far away parking spots! And to make it even sweeter here’s a 10% off coupon! You’re welcome! l

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