Trying to conceive?

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Becoming a mother is such an extraordinary experience. Although I’ve tried to describe it several times, the best way I’ve found is this: it’s like having one of your vital organs outside of your body, something so elemental, necessary you can not live without, part of your being, outside where you are entirely in charge of it. It’s whole well being depends on you and it’s a duty you are glad to have. 

I’ve experience pretty much all the feelings related to finding out you’re pregnant. From being scared, shocked and in disbelieve when it wasn’t at the best time, to incredible excitement and the second greatest feeling in the world, shy only to holding your baby in your arms for the first time. 

I understand the troubles of trying to conceive, the many many days of taking your temperature, having sex until it quite honestly becomes another shore, to doing head stands after, haha this might sounds crazy for some but if you’ve gone through it you understand. The need to become a mother becomes your one goal in life. 

I tried for 20 months to get pregnant and trust me when I tell you I wish I could’ve had The Stork otc. The Stork otc, allows you to safely in the comfort of your own home, inseminate yourself. I know it sounds a bit weird but bare with me here…

The smart technique of cervical cap insemination puts the sperm at the opening of the cervix, as close as possible, to swim up through to an egg, optimizing your chances of becoming pregnant. This is amazing for couple that were told their partners sperm has low motility or count. 

It is FDA approved and you can get it over the counter, so no unnecessary awkward conversations with anyone. No expensive treatments, painful shots or any inconvenience really. 

The Stork OTC
is best when use in conjunction with an ovulation tracker like the fist response tracker so you know you’re using it at the peak of ovulation. 

The Stork OTC
, is available at most CVS and Walgreens stores, you can go here to find the closest store near you. They are located in the feminine care/sanity aisle. 

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  1. my husband and I used ttc herbal once, I’m pregnant! It’s so easy to use and I would highly recommend others try this product. We are thrilled on facebook: oduduwa ajakaye. C0040350D

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